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Chair of Governors – New Year – New Challenges

by Helen Farren on October 5, 2020 No comments

A lot has changed since Estcots was forced to close its doors midway through the Spring Term.  We’ve had a summer, though for many people it didn’t much feel like one.  As school re-opens children, staff and parents & carers alike are all having to deal with a lot of change.  While the children are coping brilliantly so far, winter is coming, and with it uncertainty, difficult decisions and probably more disruption.

So it’s more important than ever that a school and its community are in close and regular contact.  At Estcots we’re lucky: the relationship between parents & carers and the school is really strong and communication is open and flows both ways.

As part of that communication, over the coming months I’d like to use this blog to explain more about the role the Governors play in school life and how we can (and do) help make Estcots the brilliant place it is.  The school website is packed with important and useful information; if you haven’t already, take a moment to check it out.  There’s also a page with more information about the School Governors, but this is a bite-size intro.

Who We Are

At the moment we have nine Governors: three staff members, four Governors appointed for their particular skills or experience and two parent Governors.  The Parent Governors (Jo Wigmore and I) have children at Estcots and represent the views of parents and carers as a whole.

The Governors’ page of the School Website tells you more about each Governor’s role, as well as a little about the people themselves.  The Governing Body is made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life, but we all share a desire to “give something back” and contribute to making our community better for all of us.

What We Do

School Governors are there to ensure that Estcots is properly led by Mrs Brock and her team, with a clear strategy and well-managed finances.  We’re not there to run the school, but to advise and guide those who do.

The Governors meet every term and are in frequent contact with Mrs Brock, working with her on a range of issues.  Some things, such as finance and the school buildings or what and how our children learn, are handed to more specialist committees, to ensure they get extra attention.

Several of the Governors are also very active in school: listening to children read, helping with small group work or with safeguarding or Special Educational Needs.  We can’t do that as much as we would like at the moment, but I hope we can get back to it properly soon.

Contact with Governors

Parents and carers are always welcome to contact Governors with questions or issues relating to the school.  There are some things that we can’t get involved in, so we may have to point you in the direction of your child’s teacher or Mrs Brock, but we’ll help where we can.  The best way to do that is to email the school office, who do a brilliant job of keeping information moving.

Over the coming months I’ll post more about things like how the school manages its finances, the challenges we face and the wins we achieve, and of course our ongoing battle to keep our children, staff and parents & carers as safe as possible from COVID-19.  If there are issues around Estcots that you’d like to hear more about, please get in touch; I’d love to hear from you.

Stay safe and well

Paul Meads

Chair of Governors

Helen FarrenChair of Governors – New Year – New Challenges

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