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Year 2 Week Commencing 15th October

by Helen Farren on October 22, 2021 No comments

This week in Year 2 we have been putting our science thinking caps on and making space suits for our teddies. We have learned the different properties of materials and chose 3 layers to make our suits. We presented our suits to our peers class and delivered a sentence each. It was our first time presenting to an audience and although we were nervous we spoke our sentences with confidence.

“We chose bubble wrap as one of our layers because if they fell into a crater it would protect their body.” Theo

“We chose cotton wool as our first layer as we want the astronaut to be comfy.” Poppy

“We worked well as a team and we are proud of our suit.”  Jess

Helen FarrenYear 2 Week Commencing 15th October

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