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‘Hungry Hut’ Tuck shop has arrived!

by Helen Farren on January 24, 2019 No comments

Today ‘Hungry Hut’ opened for business!

Five girls in Year 6 have worked really hard on setting up a tuck shop for the children at Estcots. They have chosen the name, designed the signage and chosen what it should sell. Today was the first time that they have set up the shop and started selling to the children in KS2.

It was very busy and proved to be very popular, quickly selling lots of chocolate shake and popcorn!


The children have been really happy with their purchases too. Here are some of the things that they have said:

“I had the popcorn and pretzels, they were really good and the pretzels are too good!” – Ronnie form Year 5

” I had pretzels, popcorn and chocolate shake – tasty!” Harvey form Year 4

“Chocolate shake and popcorn – amazing!” – Kelly-Marie from Year 5

“Very tasty chocolate shake and popcorn” – Jake

Well done girls! Keep up the hard work ready for KS1 next Tuesday.

Helen Farren‘Hungry Hut’ Tuck shop has arrived!

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