Mrs Kathryn Ellis

Year 2 Teacher & Phase 1 Leader

I have been a teacher since 2006 and have worked all over the south east and London. I enjoy my job as much as I did when I first started to teach. Perhaps more now as the first day nerves have gone.

The best part of being a teacher is the wonderful children. Seeing their faces when the perseverance has paid off. The joy they feel when their piece of work, amazing thought or question is shared with the class. The children make the school the brilliant place it is.

The staff are a superb team but the children are the ones who makes us laugh, cry and want to be better teachers to help them progress. We are very lucky at Estcots to experience the wider curriculum. For our children to have experts teach them sport and art is amazing. Their spongy brains sucking up all the facts is a wonderful sight to see. It never gets tiresome.

A Few Things About Me

I have had the pleasure of being a pupil at Estcots, a member of staff and recently a parent too. The building and learning experiences are unrecognisable from when I was a pupil here and I very much enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. With corridors full of colour and noisy learning environments.

My family and I live locally and enjoy the beautiful countryside in and around East Grinstead, many a weekend spent in the Ashdown forest or walking along the worth way. Playing rugby and watching (a personal favourite hobby of mine) up at the club also a weekend pastime. We really enjoy being part of the local community.

Estcots Primary SchoolMrs Kathryn Ellis