Regular attendance is vital for your child’s educational progress.

Pupils attend school for a maximum of 190 days per academic year.

There are 175 other days for holidays and other activities. 80% attendance represents 1 day off per week. 90% attendance represents 1 day off per fortnight.

Regular attendance is vital for your child’s educational progress. The Local Authority expects that all parents/carers ensure their children attend school whenever possible. Absence during school time is largely prohibited by regulation and hinders academic progress.

Please download, complete and return the Absence Request Form to the school office.

It is a legal requirement for parents/carers to obtain permission of the Headteacher before removing their child from school in order to take any leave in term time.

Parents do not have an automatic right to take their children out of school for leave during term time and may be issued with a Penalty Notice (£60 per parent per child) if they do so without prior arrangement with the Headteacher. The legislation only allows Headteachers to authorise such leave in exceptional circumstances.

To apply for a child to be granted leave from school parents should complete this form and return it to school for consideration well in advance of the proposed leave and before committing to any expense.

If your child is unwell please telephone the school first thing in the morning to let us know. Upon returning to school a short note is required explaining the reason for absence so that a note can be made in the register.

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