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Stunning Start in 1E for Spring 2019

by Helen Farren on January 28, 2019 No comments

Learning: To be able to talk about what I have discovered when starting back at school.

On Thursday 3rd January the children came into 1E’s classroom to a huge mess! They discovered baked beans, paint, flour, rice, pasta and many other ‘treats’ all over the floor and tables. They received a video news report asking them to create their own Crime Reports based on their findings. Apparently this has been happening in other schools around the Country!

We considered the following things before writing our own Crime Reports:

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Crime details – we measured the length of the tracks and used magnifying glasses to make sure we didn’t miss anything!
  4. Where it happened?
  5. What I think happened?
  6. Who or what may have created this mess?
  7. What do I need to do next?


Children’s comments included:

‘Who has done this? Will we find out?’- Lil

‘Maybe it’s a chef who cooks our lunches and they dropped all of the ingredients’ –

James and Zach.

‘I think it was a thief who made the mess’ – Tommy

‘I could be two people riding two bikes and they dropped their ingredients or their food’ -Ava and Abigail.


Helen FarrenStunning Start in 1E for Spring 2019

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