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Stunning Start in 1L for Spring 2019

by Helen Farren on January 28, 2019 No comments


On Thursday 3rd January 2019 at 8.30 am, a crime scene was discovered in 1L’s classroom at Estcots Primary School.

There were oats, pasta, jelly, rice, baked beans and cornflakes – it was a terrible mess! We also noticed tyre tracks that had been left in red paint on the floor.

We became detectives to try to find out who committed this crime in our classroom and why?


During our investigation, we received a newsflash report that told us of similar crimes in other classrooms across the country. We were asked to write a crime report and send them in to the newsroom so that a full investigation could take place.

Who did this? Was it Santa? Was it the naughty elves? Maybe it was a spy or even an explorer!

Mrs LeRoy

Helen FarrenStunning Start in 1L for Spring 2019

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