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Stunning Start in 2P & 2LS for Spring 2019

by Helen Farren on January 28, 2019 No comments

The children came into school to a ‘crime scene’ with lots of mess on the floor and table.  In 2LS we were then sent a video of a news report telling us that this had happened in lots of other schools around the country and that we needed to report our findings so they can collect all the evidence.

Here are some quotes about what the children thought had happened:

“I think an elf came into school because my elf put flour on the table too.”

“I think it was a truck because there are tyre tracks in the paint.”

“I think it was a team of robbers that split up and go to different schools because they like to get up to mischief.”


 Mrs Lacey-Smith

In 2P to launch our topic we came into the classroom to find a large mess had been left (baked beans, ketchup, lemon curd, pasta and some paint with tyre tracks in). We also had a news report that we watched which told us that schools up and down the country have also faced the same problem! The children were then investigators and thought about what might have happened and who could have left the mess. Some of the quotes from the children were:

“I think it might be a Sainsbury’s truck that opened its doors and all of the things inside fell out!”

“It’s a naughty elf that’s been riding a car through our classroom”

“It could be a chef that’s decided to make a big mess in our classroom but then I don’t know why there’s tyre tracks!”


Miss Puttock


Helen FarrenStunning Start in 2P & 2LS for Spring 2019

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