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Year 4 STEM week

by Helen Farren on October 22, 2021 No comments

STEM Week has been full of exciting experiments, interesting observations, team challenges and puzzles. From Escape Rooms to maths based orienteering, the children have demonstrated their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. Amongst the highlights were driving the electric car, cooking, Lego building, paper construction, problem solving and we ended the week with a live show.

Quotes from some of our year 4 children:

The Maths Orienteering was fun because it was an adventure – we were having fun and learning at the same time and I love learning. (Harper)

I enjoyed the Goblin Car Challenge because it was really cool and I love cars. The steering wheel was like an aeroplane’s and the acceleration was awesome! The brakes were cleverly designed on the steering wheel and I really loved designing my own one back in class. (Eddie)

Baking flapjacks was surprisingly easy, but the best part was when you got to eat them at the end. (Lucas)

We (Year4) did three experiments with dry ice. hot water (60 degrees C to be exact). My favourite experiment was the one where you had to put a fruit squash, hot water and dry ice together and it exploded with steam and filled the room with a really great smell of blackcurrant too. (Ava)


Helen FarrenYear 4 STEM week

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