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Year 4 – Week Commencing 23rd January 2023

by Helen Farren on January 27, 2023 No comments

Week Commencing 23rd January 2023This Week:
Our Iron Man play scripts were developed further this week, with a focus on scene setting and dialogue. We also had the pleasure of hearing many of the poems that pupils have been learning off by heart. Maths sessions concluded our work on Money by using all four operations to solve word problems. Science lessons explored circuits and how these could be represented in symbols and diagrams. Geography activities centred on coastal erosion and how coastal features are formed over time.
Our PE sessions continued with Netball skills, including passing and pivoting.

Next Week:

Next week will see us conclude our play scripts and we will be using the laptops to record some of our dialogue. The computers will also be used to develop our Scratch coding games by adding instructions for our characters to interact.  Maths lessons move on to Mass and Volume with lots of practical activities and scale reading, before exploring conversion from one unit of measure to another. Our Art studies will introduce Leonardo da Vinci. Pupils will discover who he was and what he was famous for during the Renaissance. DT lessons will be used to begin our marble run mazes, with a focus on accurate measuring and cutting.

Helen FarrenYear 4 – Week Commencing 23rd January 2023

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