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Year 4 – Week Commencing 30th January 2023

by Helen Farren on February 3, 2023 No comments

This week saw us conclude our play scripts based on Hogarth and the Iron Man’s first meeting. We used the computers to develop our Scratch coding games by adding instructions for our characters to interact.

Maths lessons moved on to Measure, with Distance, Mass and Volume units defined and explored. Our Art studies introduced Leonardo da Vinci. Pupils discovered who he was and what he was famous for during the Renaissance.

DT lessons were used to begin our marble run mazes, with a focus on accurate measuring and cutting.

Next Week:

Our summarising skills will be deployed in English as we imagine a correspondence between Hogarth and his Gran telling her everything that’s happened so far. We will be looking at the conventions of letter writing to produce our own letters.

Maths sessions will continue with how to convert units of measure. Science activities will focus on trouble-shooting circuits, while our DT session will introduce equipment safety and how to cut wood accurately. ICT lessons continue our game designs with backgrounds and levels created.

In Violin, we will be focusing on the D and G strings to help us play ‘Drunken Sailor’.

Helen FarrenYear 4 – Week Commencing 30th January 2023

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