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Year 6 E4S – e-safety

by Helen Farren on January 20, 2023 No comments

This week in Banksy class, we’ve been learning how to keep ourselves safe online through E4S and e-safety for kids. We looked at what things online are kind and what things can make people feel bad. We learned the negative sides of online comments and the positive side of online comments too. Online can make you do silly things.

We made some promises for online:

  • We will not send mean messages or comments
  • We will not cut people from groups
  • Don’t ignore people
  • Never make someone jealous
  • We will not insult someone about how they play a game

Top Tips to keep safe

  1. If someone bullies you DON’T react
  2. Walk away and if it happens repeatedly TELL a trusted adult or friend
  3. NEVER share information about you
  4. NEVER agree to meet a stranger


Helen FarrenYear 6 E4S – e-safety

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