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by Jennifer Willis on June 26, 2023 No comments

This year’s sports week in Year 6 was spectacular! According to all of the teachers, everyone loved it! On Monday, we had sports day, (we did all sorts of events) . On Tuesday we had a boot camp. It was really fun! We have also been doing yoga in class recently as well. On Wednesday we were looking at Nigerian sports women and cooking something called Nigerian black-eyed bean fritters. On Thursday, people were showing their presentations to the class (some peoples pets even came to say hi) and everyone in the school played on the inflatables as a treat! And lastly on Friday, we are doing Interhouse athletics which sounds really fun. I have really enjoyed my last sports week at Estcots and i assume everyone else has too!

I hope you enjoyed my year 6 sports week blog!


Jennifer WillisYEAR 6 SPORTS WEEK!

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