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Year 6 Book Review – The Lion And The Unicorn

by Jennifer Willis on March 24, 2023 No comments

The Lion And The Unicorn!The Lion And The Unicorn is about a boy named Lenny, who gets evacuated from his family in the war. His dad (who is fighting in the war) gave Lenny a badge, with a lion and a unicorn on it.  Lenny is sent to the countryside and has to stay in a very large house with other evacuated children. He has to stay in a room with three girls who are really rude to him. He is sent to a completely new school and he gets bullied by all of the children. He has a very rough time at the new school since he has no friends, family and no one to support him. The girls in his room also make fun of him because he wets the bed from stress and sadness. He starts to think that he should just run away.

When he does, he wanders into a beautiful secret garden and in there is a man with one leg called Mick De Vass. Lenny approaches the man and they have a conversation about all of his badges on his coat. After a while, Lenny carries on with his journey to escape the large house. He stops for a second because he sees a majestic unicorn resting on the floor. Lenny walks up to the unicorn and sits down with it. Suddenly, Lenny falls asleep and when he wakes up, the unicorn has gone. He tries to find his way back to the house but he can’t find it. But he does find his… MUM! But his mum surprises him by going to see his dad in London! He is really excited to see his parents and to be home again (instead of having to live in the awful house he had to stay in).

They Lived Happily Ever After The End!

By SieSie and Jess.

Jennifer WillisYear 6 Book Review – The Lion And The Unicorn

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